What is Arts After School Kids?

As a non-profit charity, Arts After School Kids (AASK) creates a safe, supportive environment for children. It helps them develop confidence and key life skills through immersion in
high quality music, drama, and art instruction—all at no cost to the student.

Programming is offered after school for youth aged 11-14. AASK leaders and volunteers are respectful, promote collaboration, and nurture the creativity within the students to help
them face any challenges.

Wanna get involved? You can volunteer or donate. This program exists because of the generosity of people just like you.

Volunteering: talented instructors can help teach the youth. High-school students can earn community volunteer hours. Savvy organizers can coordinate fundraising events.

Financial Donations: Individuals and businesses can sponsor a student for the year. Corporate sponsors can help with the operational/administrative costs of the program.

In-kind Donations: Instruments help equip students. Healthy food helps feed them.

For more info on how you can help please contact us.

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  1. Awesome group to get involved with.

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