A Letter from Andy

Andy White: Fund raising Coordinator – Arts After School Kids. That is my title; however, please remember that I am just one member of a team.

Over these past few months I have met many new people and I hope new friends, each one having unique gifts; but all having one commonality – the gift for giving.  As everyone knows giving comes in many forms, and I believe that I have experienced them all.   From those that help sustain the program through their financial contribution to the little ones that help with their creativity.

We hear the suffering that is happening around the world, and we ask why? And like me, we wish we could help everyone; unfortunately it’s just not possible.  However, we can decide to help those we can in our community here and now.

Not because they are at risk or any other term or label that can be given to our children, but just because we can, just because we care.  By coming together and giving, where or how; we help those that will be the future.

Supporting all of our children, whatever creed or color it doesn’t matter, what matters is the fact that we are all parents and we all want the same for our children; to grow up with compassion.

Consider this, each of us holds a gift, (please do not say “No, I don’t have anything, I can’t paint, draw, play an instrument or have any creative talent”); because your gift does not have to be any of those things.  It can be that of your time, corny but true; an example of time, tearing down our float after the parade. All those hands made light work of something that had been worked on for weeks; yes weeks.

The planning that goes into so many of the events happens weeks sometimes months before hand.   It could just be an idea, yes, that is all it takes is an idea and everyone has them.  Remember that could be but one of your gifts – an idea.  Now, just think of the things that can be accomplished if there were many hands working on that throughout the year.

With gratitude, appreciation and recognition I would like to thank everyone for their compassion; which has made so many things a growing success.

Wishing everyone happiness, love and peace.

Andy White.

 A Member of a wonderful team.

Compassion – a beautiful word and what’s more; we all have it.

Take Care

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