Thank-you Urban Getaway!

The Arts After School Kids program is lucky to have people in this community that act as really big cheerleaders for our organization. Some of them show their appreciation for what we do by serving on our Board, some by volunteering, and others by telling everyone they know to help support what we do.

Then there is the kind of supporter who gives so selflessly, so generously, that words cannot do proper justice to how much their gesture is appreciated. One such person is Gene from The Urban Getaway restaurant.

Faced with needing to feed 200 people to make our Breakfast with Santa fundraiser work, and faced with nowhere near enough space to properly cook for that many people, Gene and his team stepped up to provide the food for our breakfast event. And when the food that he had provided began to run out, he immediately assembled him team to get to work cooking to make sure that everyone in attendance got their filled of the delicious food that was provided.

If not for the generosity and support of people like Gene, our organization would simply not be able to provide what we do for our kids. Gene and his team have shown a genuine interest in helping to make our community better, and everyone at AASK is so fortunate to have the chance to work with the crew from The Urban Getaway.

From all of us involved with the Arts After School Kids program, we thank Gene for his incredible generosity!

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