Arts After School Kids is a program that gives children, aged 11-14, free music lessons. We have highly qualified and skilled teachers, who offer lessons in drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, and vocals. When the kids first come to AASK, many have never played or even held an instrument. And in our vocal class, many have never sung in front of anyone before. In each class, we teach the children about their instrument, and how to play it. We teach them the basics of that instrument, and then build upon that understanding each day.

Once the children are comfortable and confident playing their instrument, we bring all the different instruments together. From there, they learn how to play in a band setting. They learn to listen to the other instruments, and play along with other people. When they have learned a handful of songs, the children begin to play in bands at different performances. During this whole process, the confidence level of the children increases. It’s amazing to see the change in someone’s life, once music and people have had an impact them.

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